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Grain Pedestals for fast crop cooling

. vertical cooling system on the market

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3 sizes available
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Hoida kuni 14m
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Highest airflow
MiniTemp saagi temperatuuri monitor
Fastest cooling
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Stored grain represents a huge investment. Maximising the return from this investment requires professional grain pedestals system that maintains crop quality. Pile-Dry Pedestals cool crops quickly to prevent insects, conserve quality, reduce waste and meet crop assurance requirements.

Martin Lishman can draw on 45 years of proven crop storage innovation and experience to provide the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, practical and convenient solution to crop cooling, making Pile-Dry Pedestals the number one choice as part of a professional crop storage system.

With faster filling systems and some stores now reaching 15 metres deep, store managers face some interesting challenges to make ventilation systems meet their changing needs. The continuing innovation of Pile-Dry Pedestals is helping to meet these challenges.

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Fast Cooling and Drying

  • Pile-Dry Pedestals is the fastest low volume crop cooling system, operating at 20% above the required rate. Pile-Dry Pedestals will cool grain straight off the combine, hot off the drier to increase capacity and chill the grain to avoid insects and harmful moulds.
  • Pile-Dry Pedestals are the only grain pedestals of their kind that will dry grain, peas and beans using ambient air. Success depends on favourable ambient conditions, efficient fan control, fan strength and the number of fans used.

Sucking system

The grain pedestal fans are typically used to suck air through the grain. Sucking avoids condensation at the grain surface and the grain does not have to be level filled.

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Pile-Dry Pedestals are vertical and visible in the store. Typically, they are spaced at least 6m apart so loading and unloading grain around them is achieved easily.


Pile-Dry Pedestals will cool, dry and condition grain, long or short term in bulk stores, bins and silos. They have been used with all bulk stored crops – cereals, rape, rice, maize, pulses, potatoes, grass seed, wood chip and many more – and are operated in the same way for all. Hessian sleeves prevent small seeds passing through the perforated holes while maintaining the high airflow required.

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Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans provide cost-effective cooling with the lowest capital cost per ton stored. Increased efficiency and up to 40% lower energy costs is achieved with Automaatsete ventilaatorite kontrollerid ja StoreVent building ventilation system.


Pile-Dry Pedestals are free-standing, metal, vertical ventilation ducts with centrifugal fans fitted into the top and moved between them. They are simple to install and leave buildings multi-purpose. Extensions can be added in multiples of 0.9 or 1.8m to ventilate grain up to 12m deep. If store walls are low or weak the grain can be surcharged around the Pedestal and slope down towards the wall or floor – the grain does not have to be level when sucking.

3 suurust saadaval


  • c.80 to 120 tons per unit
  • C.3m (10 ') salvestatud teravilja puhul, mille lisatasu on kuni c.4.5m kaupluse keskel
  • Luba üks P2 pjedestaal 6m x 6m (20 'x 20') ala piirkonnast - 3m seintest ja 6m vahel igaüks
  • Suures niiskusesisalduses (18% pluss) asetage need lähemale
  • Eraldised kehtivad võrdselt kõigi põllukultuuridega
  • 10ft (3m) põhikõrgus


  • c.350 to 900 tons per unit
  • Teravilja puhul, mis on salvestatud c.4.5m (15 ') ja kuni 12m sügavusele
  • Luba üks P3 pjedestaal 10m x 10m (30 'x 30') ala kohta - 5m seintelt ja 10m nende vahel
  • Suures niiskusesisaldusega teras paneb need lähemale, kuid mitte sügavamale kui 4.5m
  • Eraldised kehtivad võrdselt kõigi põllukultuuridega
  • 16ft (4.8m) põhikõrgus
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  • c.450 to 1000 tons per unit
  • Teravilja puhul, mis on salvestatud c.6m (19 ') ja kuni 14m sügavusele
  • Luba üks P4 pjedestaal 10m x 10m (30 'x 30') ala kohta - 5m seintelt ja 10m nende vahel
  • Suures niiskusesisaldusega teras paneb need lähemale, kuid mitte sügavamale kui 4.5m
  • Eraldised kehtivad võrdselt kõigi põllukultuuridega
  • 23ft (7m) põhikõrgus
Kõik üksikasjad ja spetsifikatsioonid


Pile-Dry Pedestals are suitable for cooling and drying most bulk-stored crops. They are not recommended for drying oil seed rape or linseed and should not be used at all in association with corrosive materials such as Propionic Acid (Prop Corn) and high erucic acid oilseed rape. Installation and use is similar for all crops, but some may require slight changes (please ask for advice if unusual crops or commodities are being stored).

PedestalStorage Height (m)Normal spacing (m)Storage height 18%+
grain moisture (m)
0.9m Extension
Toote kood
1.8m Extension
Toote kood
Toote kood
Rape Sleeves
Toote kood
P22.5 - 563P23TP26TP2CP2HESSIAN
P34.5 - 12104.5P33TP36TP3CP3HESSIAN
P46.5 - 1410Ei soovitaP43TP46TP4CP4HESSIAN

Each extension requires a connector

Rape sleeves: for use when cooling rape, linseed and other small seeds

Pile-Dry Pedestal Dimensions

PedestalStandard height
Base plate diam
Perforeeritud kanal
WxH (jalga tollides)
Reducer diam
Plain duct
WxH (ft inches)
Connector diam
End cap diam
Total weight
P23m10 "10 "x 3"10 "e 6"6 "x 6"6"6"14 @ 3m
P34.8m12 "12 "x 3"12 "e 8"8 "x 6"8"8"25 @ 4.8m
P47m12 "12 "x 4.25"12 "e 8"8 "x 6"8"8"73 @ 7m

P4 Pedestal: 50% stronger, with 35% extra airflow. Comes with securing eye built into the base plate.

NB: Pile-Dry Pedestal components have Imperial measurements and are not compatible with metric sized ducts. Metric sizes shown are approximate equivalents to the actual Imperial sizes.

Assamblee: Pedestal components are assembled and joined using a friction fit system. It is recommended to secure P4 Pedestals in a vertical position by attaching a ratchet strap or similar between the base plate and a fixing point in the building roof.

Special versions: Please ask for details of components to suit bins and silos. We can design a system to suit your requirements.